Japanese Chopsticks Cherry Blossom Design

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A pair of Japanese chopsticks with cherry blossom design for a sober and traditional look.

Emblematic of Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are among the most famous Japanese symbols in the world. This cherry blossom called sakura (桜), symbolizes many things, the most known remaining: joy, good mood, but also luck.

Thanks to its emblematic design, this pair of Japanese chopsticks will make you travel to the land of the rising sun, and more precisely during the Hanami festivities. Sober and traditional at the same time, they will follow you in your flavorful journeys.

Materials used: Polymers and fiberglass

  • Length: 9.45 inches | 24 cm
  • Use:Passing your chopsticks under water is enough to wash them.

Note: the bowl is not supplied with the pair of chopsticks.

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