Male Kimono

Kimonos: the perfect choice between elegance and comfort

One of the advantages of wearing a men's kimono is that it can be more comfortable than pants and offers greater freedom of movement. It also looks more natural on the body. They look very elegant on the body and are part of the Japanese culture.

Another advantage of wearing a kimono is that it is perfect for people who have fit problems with western clothing. The men's kimono is very comfortable to wear and does not have belts or zippers that can be uncomfortable.

Worn with Japanese style pajamas, they are the perfect option for those who want to feel stylish and warm during winter without looking too formal. It is also possible to wear this type of clothing to the gym or during sports activities, just as you would wear sportswear in Western countries.

It is a traditional Japanese outfit and can also be a cultural experience. The strong point is the wide variety of colors and patterns makes it possible to find a kimono suitable for everyone's taste.

A traditional element in Japanese culture

The kimono for men is a sign of refinement but also of respect and politeness towards others.

In general, a men's kimono is made of a dark fabric with a pattern in lighter tones. Japanese kimonos can be found in gray tones, but these are somewhat less common. The most common colors used in men's kimonos are black and blue.

There are different styles to choose from depending on the occasion: wedding, religious ceremonies, etc. In order to know which style is the most suitable, it is important to know the traditions and customs of Japan.

The most sober model is made with a very large piece of fabric without any decoration. This garment is usually worn by the groom during a wedding ceremony, although it is also used in everyday life.

The two main components of a kimono are the Obi (belt) and the hakama (pants). The first one is used to adjust the fit, while the second one provides more comfort when moving. In addition, you can add a silk belt. The length of the sleeves can be adjusted using sode, which are pieces of fabric inserted in slots on each side.

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