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Men's Japanese Jacket | Haori Kimono

The Japanese trend that's dominating streetwear!

When you think Haori, you probably imagine the robes worn in Japan during the Edo period. But over time, the term has become a generic term for streetwear clothing.

The kimono jacket is a new version that combines the elegance of the former with a casual approach by mixing patterns and colors. It can be worn as a top, but also paired with a blazer for an even bolder look!

A very versatile garment, it can be used to dress up or dress down. Forget the gold and silver embroidered haori, which can only be worn on very special occasions. Today, Japanese fashion is all about lightness, fluidity and easy-to-wear clothes. The kimono jacket has evolved over time to become a cult streetwear garment.

The kimono jacket allows to create a successful outfit in no time. It is the perfect summer outfit: a black T-shirt, jeans and a nice japanese cardigan. Streetwear accessories like chains and bracelets are also widely used.

For summer evenings, pair your kimono haori with lighter colors like white or cream for example. The contrast between light and dark colors are particularly striking. You can also wear a kimono jacket with jeans and boots, but the most daring among you can wear it with shorts, putting an end to all the formal codes.