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Women's Japanese Jacket | Haori Kimono

The kimono jacket: a trendy streetwear item

This traditional piece, is decorated with beautiful patterns, has recently conquered the Western fashion market. Thanks to its versatility and contemporary cut, this garment has become a must-have. A must-have piece for your spring-summer wardrobe!

The straight cut and flared sleeves make this cardigan easy to wear and versatile: it can be worn with more formal outfits or more casual looks. The kimono jacket is the essence of femininity and elegance: it can be combined with countless outfits without ever looking out of place. With its straight cut, the haori for women enhances the figure of the wearer by emphasizing the bust line and waist.

Its light fabric allows it to be worn even on hot days without the sweat. The kimono jacket can also be worn on cold days, under a coat or overcoat to give style and originality to your outfit. 

However, if worn with long sleeves, this Japanese garment becomes more discreet. This version can be worn on colder days or during the transition from spring to summer.