Much more than
a passion...

Discover how a culture has crossed the world!

If you're reading these few lines, it's because you want to know more about what we do, what we offer and most importantly who we are!

womans kimono

Our Mission

Our Vision

antique japanese paper lanterns
womens long cotton kimono robe

Our History

Women in Japanese kimono

Instant Japan was born from a meeting between a family passion and the Japanese tradition.

Since our creation, values have been the basis of our actions on a daily basis:

antique japanese pottery vase

Our tradition

We are committed to respecting our ancestral traditions to provide you with authentic and quality products.

Traditional Japanese Sewing


Precision is our watchword. Whether in the choice of raw materials or design, we are and will be demanding.

Japanese sisters in kimono


We wish to make you travel and share with you a piece of Japan and these values through our store.

We wish you a good journey through Japanese culture and tradition.

Narumi & Sakura 🌸