Blue And White Japanese Teapot

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This Japanese ceramic teapot with blue and white waves will guide your tea services in the Japanese custom and tradition.

Let yourself board in the land of the rising sun with this beautiful Japanese ceramic teapot. With its bamboo handle and wave patterns, this teapot represents the symbols and materials typical of the Japanese olden days. Light and handy, it will guide you during your tea ceremonies, moments of sharing and listening par excellence.

Its vintage and typically Japanese design will allow this teapot to find its place in your home. Useful but also decorative, it will bring calm and serenity in your living room, your kitchen or in an office. You will understand that this teapot is perfect for any Japan lover.

  • Materials used: Ceramics
  • Quality: The teapot has been designed for optimal heat distribution.
  • Careful details: The texture of the teapot is shaped to offer an ancient and ancestral look.
  • This teapot is not made to be heated by a fire, it is a container used to hold boiling water
  • Sizes: 6.89x7.87 inches | 17,5x20 cm (WxH)
  • Volumes: 3.38 cups | 800 ml
  • Usage: A quick dip under lukewarm water with a sponge allows you to wash your teapot.

Note: Do not put the teapot on the stove or induction cooker.

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