Floral Kimono Robe

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This beautiful kimono for women is always fashionable

Have a light and colorful look with this genuine Japanese kimono. Very elegant, it is mainly worn in spring and summer, it is a perfect garment to soften the hot periods. Traditional party, festival or just dear you, you will love to wear it.

  • Main fabric : 100% polyester
  • Gift included : a pair of tabi socks, a small fabric bag and an eri shin (rigid collar to slide into the hem of the collar to clear the nape of the neck)
  • Long and wide sleeves
  • Still unsure what size to get ? Make sure to check the sizing guide/chart.

Note: If your height is between 61.02 inches (1m55) and 64.96 inches (1m65) turn to size S, but if you are between 64.96 inches (1m65) and 70.87 inches (1m80) turn to size M

For a more kawaii and feminine look, you will fall for the Japanese Wedding Kimono : the quality of the fabric, thz soft colors and delicate patterns will end up seducing you. To see more models, visit our collection of Kimono for Women. Instant Japan has many Traditional Kimonos, i'm sure you'll find the rare gem.