Traditional Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

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Enjoy tea with this traditional Japanese teapot in a relaxed and zen atmosphere.

This teapot (ティーポット in Japanese) is a reminder of the teapots of yesteryear. Its large handle and aged texture perfectly reflects the Japanese teapots of the Muromachi period, corresponding to the Ashikaga shogun period between 1336 and 1573.

In addition to its historical past, this traditional teapot is a true decorative object. Both vintage and contemporary, its old style will bring to your room an authentic look with a zen and ancestral atmosphere. This traditional cast iron teapot is an invitation to the Land of the Rising Sun.

  • Materials used: Cast iron - Enamel coating on the inside of the teapot
  • Quality: The teapot has been designed for optimal heat distribution.
  • Careful details: The texture of the teapot is shaped to offer an ancient and ancestral look.
  • The teapot can be put on any type of fire
  • Sizes: 4.72x5.90 inches | 12x15 cm (WxH)
  • Volumes: 1.90 cups | 450 ml
  • Usage: A simple passage under lukewarm water with a sponge allows you to wash your teapot.

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