Antique Japanese Cast Iron Teapot

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A handmade teapot with flower patterns for a elegant and traditional look.

Refined and traditional, this handcrafted teapot features beautiful Japanese flower pattern. As these patterns show, this teapot is a true decorative object in its own state.

Sturdy and of high quality, this traditional teapot can be placed on a piece of furniture or in a room, providing a traditional ancestral atmosphere.

  • Materials used: Cast iron - Enamel coating on the inside of the teapot
  • Quality: The teapot has been designed for optimal heat distribution.
  • Careful details: The texture of the teapot is shaped to offer an ancient and ancestral look.
  • The teapot can be put on any type of fire
  • Sizes: 5.90x7.09 inches | 15x18 cm (WxH)
  • Volumes: 3.80 cups | 900 ml
  • Usage: A quick dip under lukewarm water with a sponge allows you to wash your teapot.

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