Japanese Tea Ceremony Teapot

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A ceramic teapot for a tea ceremony in the greatest of Japanese traditions.

Light and compact, this Japanese ceramic teapot is the ideal object for any tea lover but also for a Japanese tea ceremony. Its elaborate structure, designed for ease of service, allows it to remain minimalist and thus to be an essential ally for your tea ceremonies.

Its pure colors also allow it to offer to your living rooms, office or other, a soft and relaxing atmosphere. In a few words, its vintage and modern design at the same time makes this teapot a decorative object in the taste of the day.

  • Materials used: Ceramics
  • Quality: The teapot has been designed for optimal heat distribution.
  • Careful details: The texture of the teapot is shaped to offer an ancient and ancestral look.
  • This teapot is not made to be heated by a fire, it is a container used to hold boiling water
  • Sizes: 6.30x2.76 inches | 16.5x7.5 cm
  • Volumes: 0.84 cups | 200 ml
  • Usage: A simple passage under lukewarm water with a sponge allows you to wash your teapot.

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