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Colorful Kimono

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Blue kimono with pink and white flowers

Very charming to wear, this traditional garment will give you a chic style. It's the perfect balance of element : the pink and white harmonizes altogether with the royal blue background.

To wear in all occasions, during  all seasons.

  • Main fabric : polyester satin
  • Gift included : a pair of tabi socks, a small fabric bag and an eri shin (rigid collar to slide into the hem of the collar to clear the shape of the neck)
  • Long and wide sleeves
  • Still unsure what size to get ? Make sure to check the sizing guide/chart.

    Note:  If your height is between 61.02 inches (1m55) and 64.96 inches (1m65) go for size S, but if you are between 64.96 inches (1m65) and 70.87 inches (1m80)go for size M.

    If you are looking for a black kimono with delicate little flowers, this Long Black Kimono will fit you perfectly ! Discover all the women's Kimonos from Instant Japan, soft and airy,  made from quality fabrics. Visit our collection of Traditional Kimonos and let yourself be tempted by the most iconic Japanese garment.

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